I took part in the international competition for ideas for the poster for the Locarno Film Festival #74. Here is the text and the images I created for the occasion.

Viewpoint of the image

The image on the poster is seen from the perspective of the viewer, who sees a dreamlike and symbolic, or as set in digital reality, with the focus on the presence of the audience.

The Audience

For 75 editions, the story of the festival has fascinated all its participants.
75 spectators are at the centre of the dynamic and each of the people present symbolises one of the past editions of the festival, those who participated in the realisation, the festival goers, the sponsors.

New people from edition to edition, each year interested in the essence expressed in the
current perspective of what can be seen, how films have changed.

The square: Piazza Grande

The climax of the festival is the square, in its openness to the sky, in the open air in the dark. The city of
A young pardo acts as a projector. It projects its light onto the screen, where it expresses itself as a
more mature pardo #75. The pardo represents the essence of the festival, which always remains current, but
finds its manifestation in a continuous evolution in each edition in a new perspective.

The Light

Light is an archetype, a universal symbol, it is composed of photons is expressed as a wave or particle depending on the presence of an observer.
The Locarno Festival is also light, and would not be perceived without an observer.

Light is dynamic.
The image is not perceived between the projector and the screen, nor between the screen itself and the observers/spectators.
On the one hand, the festival projects its light onto the screen, which refracts it onto the audience present.
The influence of the festival on the audience has a social and cultural importance, and by means of
cinematography, it allows each individual to be confronted with other perspectives, points of view, situations, with which they would otherwise not be confronted.
Its essence, its being, in an international event where the integration of modernity is combined with the traditional essence of the festival.
In the other sense, people’s enthusiasm flows back onto the screen, and refracts on that of the small pardo, the essence of the festival, as of a retrospective. Give and take, in unison, in a two-way dynamic.

Fiat Lux! #Locarno75

The spirit of the Festival is the spirit of light, it is a play of light in the shadows, which from its essence illuminates the screen and the audience in a magical atmosphere, which is created by the unfolding of the festival, very present and yet so ephemeral.