Paul O`Connor studied architecture, is a Trainer in Controlled Remote Viewing (Remote Perception), applies psychological energy techniques such as EFT/TAT/GSH/Z-Point Access/NPA, works with entrepreneurial start-ups, organisations, groups and individuals to develop their Intuitive Intelligence, using unique creative problem-solving and strategic thinking techniques, to uncover blind spots, remove mental blocks, unleash creative thinking and make better decisions.

1. When did you start your journey with CRV, the remote viewing teaching of Lyn Buchanan?

In 2004, I read a book called Psychic Warrior (David Morhouse) which told a story about a psychic spying unit created by the US Army in the 1970s, because they had discovered that the Soviets (USSR) had developed psychic techniques and were using them to spy on the Americans. At that time, the existence of the unit was so secret that rumours of its existence were like a myth.

In 1995, after the unit was disbanded, the project was declassified by President Bill Clinton and the people in the unit, who were now retired, were allowed to speak about it, to write their books and to offer training to members of the public.

After doing some research, and having identified two trainers, I sent an email invitation in 2006, to Major Paul Smith and Lyn Buchanan, inviting both to come to Ireland and run a CRV training course. Lyn Buchanan replied first and, in 2007, Lyn came to Dublin, Ireland, and trained 12 people, including myself, in Basic CRV. Over the following two years, I brought Lyn back to Ireland to provide training in more advanced Intermediate CRV and Advanced CRV, and beyond.

2. Do you remember when you got your first results, i.e. when you realized the potential of this method? What happened and what did you experience?

As I was researching remote viewing, I found material online that tried to explain how to do it. As a trainer/organiser I invited some friends to try this technique.

I asked another friend to select a story from an Irish newspaper and to put the story into a sealed envelope (so that I and the remote viewer would not know what it was).

Although we had no formal training, I brought my first friend through the process and they began describing smokey smells and the smell of burning plastic, as if they were actually smelling it. We later opened the envelope and were both amazed to read the newspaper story about a fire in a factory that made acrylic plastic!

I remember wondering, “If this is what we can find with no formal training, how much better could we be if we received formal training?”

Since when have you been a Lyn Buchanan-recognised trainer? perspective as a teacher, what kind of experience has it given you?

Having trained with Lyn between 2007-2009, I began teaching the CRV technique to others, in order to understand it better myself. If you want to truly learn and understand something, teach it to others. Your own students will be your best teachers!

In 2010, I went to the IRVA (International Remote Viewing Association) Conference in Las Vegas, where I gave a presentation about how emotions and emotional reactions affect the quality and standard of remote viewing. Lyn came to me, after my presentation, and told me that he thought that I probably understood remote viewing better than anyone in the room, and that I should start formally training my own students. So, I returned to Ireland and started creating and organising my own training courses but using Lyn’s training manuals.

Is there a particular Remote Viewing session you have done that you would like to share?

There have been so many, some of which I cannot share because they were done for private clients or as part of team projects (including for missing persons).

There is an old video online at  which was my first time working on camera. It was part of a project for artist Karen Russo, who wanted to explore if a remote viewer could ‘see’ her artwork.

5. Why would you recommend learning Controlled Remote Viewing?

It will not ‘make you psychic’, but you will come to a much deeper personal understanding of yourself, what you are and what you are truly capable of, as a human being.

6. Are there any particular aspects for which you should not learn CRV?

It is a tool, and like all tools it can be used or misused. Your own ego, and your moral and ethical compass, will affect what you decide to do with it or use it for.

7.  In the past you created a presentation entitled Paul O’Connor: Energy Psychology and Controlled Remote Viewing – YouTube. What prompted you to do this?

It followed my 2010 IRVA presentation, to try to explain to remote viewers how emotions can affect their work, and offer ways to manage their emotional reactions. In other words, to give them more self-control over their work (which is what the Controlled in CRV means).

8. In the past, you went abroad to apply the Emotional Freedom Technique. Can you explain something about the technique and what it did for you? How does it relate to Remote Viewing?

The answer to that question is (i) too big, and (ii) way beyond the scope of CRV. I suggest that the answer to Question 7 also answers this one. Watch the video!

9. Are there any other topics you want to talk about?

Do not expect, by learning how to remote view, that you will (i) Save The World, (ii) Find The Cure For Cancer, or (iii) Find The Missing Children, any more than teaching a police officer how to tie their shoes will make them a super-cop!

Remote viewing is simply a technique for trying to find, hopefully useful, information when you have no other means of finding it! It works best when it is used as part of a bigger information gathering process. It is not perfect.

Use it to find yourself, first!