Some people do not believe in the possibility of access to information through extrasensory perceptions. What do you think about this?

People often do not believe in the possibility of access to information through ESP because it goes against their belief system. We are not taught by our parents, schools, or churches to believe in ESP. We are not taught how to utilize ESP. So, when one starts to open up and express ESP abilities, it can disturb people because they can be in fear of the unknown. People often say ESP abilities are negative. They talk of dark energies. It is sad because I have known many people who possessed the talent to utilize ESP but backed away from it because of fear. They could have helped themselves and many people.

The first thing I would advise if someone starts having paranormal abilities is to get themselves into an ESP class or school so that someone can guide them in the right direction.

Are there people who are not given access to information, or are there different percentages or ways of being psychic?

There are different ways of being psychic. I call these different ways methodologies or modalities. I do automatic writing, which is also called channeling. I have difficulty dowsing, yet I know a woman who is an excellent dowser. She can dowse anything. There are trans-channelists in which a spirit enters a person’s body and gives information to those who want it. Some people access information through tarot cards, and some through ruins. People also use remote viewing to access information, and there are different methodologies of remote viewing. I don’t think it matters how a person accesses the data. No matter what procedure or method we choose to work with, the critical thing to remember is that the brain works the same way in accessing information through extrasensory perception.

I think people are not given access to information because they don’t want it. People can be trained in ESP and often can teach themselves. People can read books about ESP and buy tarot cards, ruins, and pendulums to access information through the paranormal. It’s all that a person wants or desires.

I have many family members and friends who are not psychic and do not care to be psychic. I relate to them on other levels. I don’t talk about my work because they are not interested. I don’t push what I do or believe in on them. It all comes down ot what a person wants out of life.

I often have contact with people who do not know how to handle their sensitivity to an immaterial world in the sense of the perceptions they get. You, who are a natural psychic, what advice do you feel you can give to these people?

It can be challenging to talk to someone who doesn’t know how to handle their sensitivity.
Frequently, people are in fear, and you have to reassure them that information about the immaterial world can be a good thing. You can help and heal people. I like to know how they receive information, so I can refer a book to them or teach them. Sometimes people have big egos and need to learn things independently. I like to guide people to formal training. Sometimes people need to understand how to act when they receive information for others. One can’t just go up to someone in a restaurant and give a stranger information they were picking up on. Sometimes people are negative psychics and give out negative information, or they like to advise people on how to live.

Annie Jacobsen, Angela Dellafiora Ford, Dale Graff, Jim Dykstra-U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. (Foto Twitter-Annie Jacobsen)

Many labels describe techniques and methods for managing extrasensory perceptions to some degree. After your many years of experience in intelligence services and in your personal work, what is your point of view?  Do particular methods have to be used?

We are only human.  We like to label things, so we created and named methods.  We need this as humans.  I do not think methods have to be used.  I know people that can psychically read people just by looking at them.  I remember once, at a meeting with U.S. Senators in Congress, people were discussing methodologies to explain ESP.  My boss said we don’t know how ESP works, and you can call it whatever you want.  He said all he knows is that something happens when he goes into a room to work a remote viewing session.  What that something is, he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t know what to call it.  But something happens.

Children are more likely to be sensitive.  What was your experience like at a young age?  Was there a need to shut down or hide your sensitivity?

I had many out-of-body experiences as a young child.  One starts hiding their sensitivity when they start school and have to learn.  Children learn to think in linear ways.  Also, there is a deep knowing that you cannot discuss your abilities with others.

The times in my life when I was most psychic were when I had little or nothing to do.  I was not psychic if I was busy reading and studying for a school test.  They were the times of my life when I was most relaxed and not stressed.

 What was the benefit that your psychic gift brought you?

I think the ability to help ease people’s minds.  The ability to help teach people to reach their psychic potential.

What was the disadvantage that your sensitivity brought you?

The feeling of being alone most of the time.  The sense of not belonging.