Martin Zoller is an author, seer and mediator and strategic intuition consultant. He became world famous when, thanks to his sixth sense, he was able to track down a passenger plane that had crashed in the Bolivian jungle after all other search efforts had failed.

He is known for his media predictions and analysis of events such as the terrorist attacks in Europe in 2015/16, Trump’s election in 2016, the political change in Saudi Arabia in 2017, Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Brexit, the presidential election and protests in Bolivia in 2019/20, the US elections in 2020 and Trump’s coup, the overthrow of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in 2021 and various events in the war in Ukraine.

In addition to his ability to analyse the human aura, he constantly receives requests for advice from all over the world on professional, personal, interpersonal and spiritual issues. He works with politicians, lawyers, business leaders and other professionals to develop innovative strategies.

Martin Zoller is a world-renowned consultant and seer and is invited to speak and give seminars on prophecy, mediumship, the power of intuition, remote viewing and more.

He has written nine books and six meditation CDs and has appeared in numerous documentaries and reports on shamanism. (German and English)

The topics discussed in the interview mainly concern Martin Zoller’s experience and work as an author, visionary and strategic insight consultant. The following topics are discussed in the interview:

Extraordinary experiences of Martin Zoller: The interview begins with a description of how Martin Zoller became world famous for using his sixth sense to discover a crashed passenger plane in the Bolivian jungle after all other search efforts had failed. This event marked the beginning of his fame as a fortune teller and led to him working with various people and groups around the world.

Predictive skills: Martin Zoller is known for his predictions and media analysis of major international events such as terrorist attacks, political elections, civil unrest and other major events. The interview mentions some of his accurate predictions on events such as the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.
Analysis of the human aura: Martin Zoller is known for his ability to analyse the human aura and understand people’s personalities as well as their potential and future. This ability enables him to advise politicians, professionals and individuals in various areas of life.
Individual insight and sensitivity: The concept that each person is unique in their sensitivity, intuition and perception is discussed. The role of intuition and sensitivity in life and how these qualities can be developed and used to make better decisions and have a clearer vision of the future are explored.

Parapsychological potentials of human beings: The question of whether humans have the potential to develop parapsychological abilities such as clairvoyance and strategic intuition is explored. The possibility of human awakening and the integration of such potentials into everyday life will be discussed.
Freestyle Remote Viewing” method: The interview briefly mentions the “Freestyle Remote Viewing” method taught by Martin Zoller. He is asked to explain what it is and what applications it has.

Strategic Intuition: The interview is about the concept of “strategic intuition” and the role it plays in helping policy makers, practitioners and other groups to develop innovative and forward-looking strategies.

Martin Zoller’s future plans: Martin is asked about his future plans, including an international invitation to give talks and seminars on various topics around prophecy, medianism, remote viewing and more.

Services to the public: The wide range of services Martin Zoller offers to the public is discussed, including counselling in professional, personal, interpersonal and spiritual matters.

Martin Zoller’s personal motivation: What motivates Martin to do what he does and what personal and spiritual meaning he finds in his work is explored. It also asks which of his works Martin is most proud of and explores “Freestyle Remote Viewing”, a method Martin taught in a workshop, his predictions about the tensions in Europe that led him to move to Panama, and more.

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