How did you come to create and teach your CHI KUNG technique?

I stopped smoking pot and drinking alcohol at 20 and started Taekwondo at 21. Would I have started if I had continued drinking and smoking? Absolutely not.
I was depressed and I knew my life had to change, but I didn’t know how nor what to do. So in 1972 I stopped everything, then I stopped eating meat in 1973.
What does meat have to do with anything?
Well, all the other Tai Chi or CHI KUNG guys won’t comment because they eat meat, I stopped eating meat two years before my Tai Chi Master even told me to stop.
I don’t eat meat because meat is dense and it lowers your vibration.

In my opinion, you would not be able to drop your phone from your desk if you ate meat.

(Yes, during the video call while he was explaining to me how he made his vibrational Jing flow, my phone which was leaning against the wall moved from vertical to horizontal, to the left and then fell to the floor!)

When I pointed my fingers making the noise that created vibration, your phone moved. The noise I was making carried the vibration I was describing.
People don’t have that ability. This is all energy cultivated using my technique.

My technique is unique and I am always reachable, by phone or Skype. Whoever wants to, can easily contact me, always.

The other masters? You can’t even reach others, I don’t know if you have tried to reach others. They avoid you because they have nothing to offer. I have the Jiing that we will talk about later: I have nothing to hide, I did not invent my story, I did not learn from monks in a cave, it was not my grandfather who taught me, I did not reach my enlightenment while canoeing on a river in colombia.

Everyone tells a strange story and I don’t.
I simply practiced 6 to 10 hours a day for the first 10 years.

Fortunately, I learnt how to practice, long before I learnt Tai-chi.

I joined Taekwondo when I was 21 years old, and luckily I had one of the first 12 masters who were sent out to propagate Taekwondo in the world.
I didn’t plan it. He had a school and I was on a bus. I got off the bus and joined his Taekwondo school. And over time I would have dinner with him and his family up to three or four times a week.

His name was Handjhakwo. A world-renowned teacher, I told him I wanted to be the hardest-working American student he had ever had. Because I wanted to be great at something

He was great!
He taught me and I never got a break, and I was never treated like anyone else. And I pushed and pushed.
Others did their tests, and I didn’t.
I spent more time on each belt, they were already black belts and I was still a Red Belt or Blue Belt, but I taught black belts. Three times he called me to his office because they said my class was too hard, and the others had complained.
He advised me to open my own school.

OK I thought, so a little later I went to a friend of mine, to a Tai Chi school, a third-degree black belt. to do karate and Tai chi.
His Karate teacher at the time was my first Tai Chi teacher. So I started with him and then transferred to another school after about a year and a half. And the second master is the one who supervised me for the following two and a half years. That’s how I got to where I am today. I learnt how to practice from Mr Haan and what to practice with Tai Chi, and in fact I practiced all those hours daily in an organized way.
I went into the school with a work ethic, everyone else practiced 2 or 3 hours a day, but I knew that was not enough.

When my master closed his school, I learned CHI KUNG from him, in his flat.
This method was taught nowhere else but upstairs in the flat where I was staying with my master.
Nothing I learnt in CHI KUNG was contained in Tai Chi, for which I practiced corrections with the master for a year and a half.

When I learned CHI KUNG from my second master, in 1978, I was giving out small pieces. I opened my school in 1979, so I was giving one piece to one, one piece to another, and so there was no system and I wasn’t getting any results. Because everyone was doing something different. Then in 1983 inspiration struck me and I decided to create a CHI KUNG system, because there was none. And I did it well.
The way I organized and wrote it the first time, that’s exactly how it is still practiced today in my videos. Thousands of people practice the way I created it, because if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Because as I learnt it, no one else could ever have done it. Even as a student, I knew that no one could do what I was doing.
So when I opened my school, I taught exactly the way I had been taught, but it did not include CHI KUNG, that was a separate thing. But in 1983 I decided to separate the CHI KUNG teaching from the rest.
In 1993 I put it on video. 1996 I converted exactly what I did on VHS to DVD.
Now you can receive the programme by mail.

What are the indispensable rules for success with your system?

  • Do not do drugs, I am also against Marjuana although it seems to be back in fashion.
  • Do not consume alcohol: It does not allow attention and concentration
  • Do not masturbate: It is purposeless, wasted energy
  • Better not to eat meat if you aim for excellence, its density lowers the vibration

I have developed the Daily practice routine that allows you to charge your energy in less than 30 minutes and live in a completely different way.

The days you practice are better than the days you don’t practice, the same goes for the weeks you practice, and I do 10 hours a day now, and I’ve been doing it all my life, and I’m fine.
The reason I practice 10 hours a day even today is because I have to carry a torch for everyone who is practicing.

The first steps in CHI KUNG, you notice that the energy of the body changes, whereas in the other systems you rather perceive movements without energy content.

What is the difference between Chi and Jing?

Chi is what you feel while Jing is what you can express.
Djing is the vibration I transmit when I strike, or if I intend to give a treatment. So Chi is the result of cultivating energy and Jing is the ability to use that energy in an actively transmitted vibration.
First you store, compress, absorb, compress, charge and charge, and then at this point you have the ability to explode to direct the vibration.
Tai Chi Jing is different from Jing.
When I give treatments to people I touch them, send toward, or suck out, that is Jing.
Others could do it, but what they cannot do is Tai chi Jing which is called Tajing, I can touch someone and make them fly across the room.
When I demonstrate this skill I always do it with a wall behind it otherwise the person would fall and break at least one bone.

I touch them physically but I send out a vibration. Like an explosion, so if you leave the vibrations out they fly back.

I don’t have to do anything before I do it, I spin with this energy in me all the time. There are only a few people who can do it and they are all in my group, and are my teachers as well.

There are some Kung Fu masters who hit me and nothing happened. Then I hit them, and they fell down.
I have the ability to transmit another vibration.
When I hit someone I can demonstrate the transmission of the elements water, fire, metal, wood and earth .
The feeling they experience is one of these elements in vibrational form.
I don’t have to hit them hard, because the vibration is created with the mind.
So if I want to hit with fire, they have a sensation as if they are burning, if I hit with metal they feel penetration, with wood it is like being hit by a baseball bat, with water the sensation is of a powerful wave, with earth it is like a dull blow, and they collapse on the ground.

What do you mean when you say you create with the mind?

With the mind you create the vibration but you cultivate the ability of the practice, to show that the 5 elements come from practicing the elements.
So that if I hit them I can make them feel in one of these ways. But at the moment of contact is the moment when I discharge exactly that exact sensation

Gold Bell

“All these pseudo Chinese masters, when they try to strike I bounce the blow back to them, and when it’s my time to strike they are terrified.”

I have a technique called Gold Bell that I teach in my NEI KUNG program, it’s a vibration, I can make my body vibrate so that if somebody hits it, they hit me like they hit a fan, if you hit the blades of the fan and then you get pushed back and the force is dispersed.
My students are able to do it exactly like I do it.
I used to hit my teachers and they did the same.

If I teach the “Gold Bell” method and hit someone, they can try to propagate the vibration, but they won’t be able to bounce it back like I am able to bounce it back.
My frequency is higher and faster.
There are men who look like Superman, but to me they are not.
I have a friend who teaches CHI KUNG DO which is a derivative of Bruce Lee’s, he is very good. In his circle he is known as the one who is able to take all the blows.
But when I hit him he falls on the ground like nothing.

Master Chang asked me if I could feel his vibration, did you see my picture with the old man hitting my face in 1982?
He was at a seminar, he hit me 7 times and nothing happened because I bounced his vibration back.
He hit me in the stomach then from below up to the jaw, my body bent back and then straightened up again. I didn’t get hurt, my glasses didn’t break, I didn’t step back, none of that.
And I became famous because it was published in Kung Fu magazines at least 3 or 4 times.

Emotional Liposuction

What happens when you practice my CHI KUNG?
What you receive is hope. Hope. Hope is one of the most important things in the world.
Other people don’t have hope.
If you don’t have hope you are in trouble, and if you are in trouble, you have problems.
And everybody in the world is in trouble.
They have no prospects, they have nothing that contains them like: merit (deservingness) means “you can” you can. If someone has resentment and bitterness, they have no feeling of merit. of being deserving.

The 4 major issues that I deal with in Emotional Liposuction, and which more or less everyone has are:

  • Abandonment
  • Anger
  • Rage
  • Bitterness

So when I do a session I pull out or treat one or more of these themes.
Now I do the treatment online, no need to come in presence anymore, I can do it remotely.

Very interesting how a point in the body can be attached to emotional things

What are your views on meditation and mental focus?

Meditation is a great word and it means everything.
I don’t use the word meditation because everyone thinks of non-personal, generic, non-technical meditation..

Everything I do instead is active and technical, Even the way I teach is different from the way anyone else teaches.
All you have to do is practice, you can become great in this technique.
I am proof of that, because I am not a natural, I am not athletic, martial arts is something that turned out that I can do, but CHI KUNG and NEI KUNG nobody does that.
Remember, The right teacher, the right student, the right material, and then you have to put in a lot of time.

So, why I’m different from all the other Tai Chi types, is because I have Djing. Because I connected my vibration to the bone structure.

“I also have a Commentary on Remote Viewing.”

A guy who worked for the CIA must have been around 1996 approached me.
He was doing remote viewing for the CIA, spying on Russia.
But at the time he came to me he was in burnout.
He learned my CHI KUNG and my NEI KUNG to replenish everything he had spent.
So, I am a transmitter and not a receiver. He was a receiver before he came to me, and not a transmitter.
He had gone away to a place in North Wisconsin where there was no Internet, simply to be away from everything.


So ca. 25-30 years ago people started asking me for help, I started projecting help, and that turned me into the “Mojo Man,” so people would hire me to help them with a problem, their marriage, or defend them.
There are two types of Mojo: think of them as torpedos-1 active and 1 protective.
If someone calls me for protection, I project my personal resolve outside of myself to wrap around the person who asks.
If I have to protect them from an abusive partner or an abusive boss, or some bad situation they have put themselves in, I may have to attack the perpetrator,
So I am the Mojo Man because I have the ability to project my determination outside my body. This is created through my Jing.
Because I have Jing I not only have the ability to touch someone and make them fall, or touch an acupuncture needle and make my force flow through their body, or touch someone with my fingers and make my force flow through their body, but I also have the ability to project my determination outside my body. I don’t know anyone else with this ability. Even when I try to teach this to someone else, so far no one has been able to reproduce it, because they don’t put in 10 hours a day.
With the Mojo it doesn’t matter where in the world someone is, regardless of time and space.

Gary Clyman
Skype: Clygar