I am a member of the Swiss Therapists platform at “Die Quelle” with whom I share their vision.

The following is an excerpt from the homepage www.die-quelle.ch


The source (Die Quelle)- a place of encounter

Community and diversity. We observe every day that people can flourish and develop their full potential in connection with each other. At the Source, people of all backgrounds and orientations are welcome and we see differences as enrichment for our community. We want to create a space where everyone feels safe, secure and belonging.

The development and fulfillment of every individual is close to our hearts.

Humanity. The dignity of each individual being is our priority. We want to create a space of peace, respect, acceptance and humanity where everyone feels welcome and can develop their full potential.

Consciousness creates peace

Development of consciousness. We believe that the development of the consciousness of each individual forms the basis for a more peaceful and just world. We want to create spaces in which such transformation processes are nurtured and promoted.

Inner peace brings peace in the world

Sustainability and justice. We believe that sustainable development of our earth is only possible through social justice, economic stability, universal human rights and a culture of peace. Our aim is to contribute to the protection of our resources and to universal peace through the development of consciousness.

We create spaces for dreams

Cooperation and fairness. We want to create spaces where every person has the opportunity to discover and develop themselves. We strive for fair and enriching cooperation and collaboration with our partners. It is our conviction that there is enough for everyone and that we can all be winners.