Deep coaching is a process whereby individuals, couples or groups can look inside themselves to improve various aspects of their private or professional lives with the help of a coach.

Using a multidimensional approach, linguistic and subliminal techniques, I accompany you towards your desired goals, which develop from deep within, realise themselves on the surface and manifest themselves in new perceived states of being.

Respect for the person, the quality of listening and the ability to intervene correctly characterise the efficiency and quality of the work I do.

To make my services as easy to understand as possible, I have divided them into three main modalities, which work on three elements of our form: the conscious mind, the holographic body and the subconscious.

The modalities can be requested individually or in combination.


Interaction takes place on a conscious level with linguistic methods.


Interaction occurs at a subtle level recognised by some as the holographic body or quantum field.


Interaction takes place with the subconscious, in an advanced mode, also called remote influencing or remote persuasion

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