Controlled remote viewing, consists of looking for traces of a desired, previously unexperienced target.

As a remote viewer, I position myself as a detective who, through extrasensory perception, supports the individual in achieving his or her goals by retrieving information from the subconscious.

These intuitive techniques have been used by intelligence services for decades, but can also be successfully applied to the private or professional lives of individuals or groups.

Here’s what someone who tried Controlled Remote Viewing with me says:

“Three years ago I had the pleasure of working with Danilo on an intense training program in which he demonstrated a unique ability to ‘think outside the box’ and employ new strategies of his own to accomplish the goals set out for him in the program. I was impressed with his task-oriented skill set, his ability to meet deadlines and his attention to detail. He was hard working and conscientious. His curiosity and eagerness to explore what is possible beyond what is asked of him helps him to succeed and I believe continues to be the driving force behind his journey to be of assistance to others.”

2022, C. Marenich from Canada

” […] Danilo now combines his multiple training experiences to create innovative tools and applications that he brings to his operational work. He builds on his professional training in Project Management to bring additional analytical skills and professionalism to his work as a Controlled Remote Viewer.” … ” I have strongly recommended Danilo to other professional and representative remote viewing bodies” […]

“I have no hesitation in recommending Danilo as an excellent and highly professional remote viewer.”

Paul O’Connor
Trainer PSI-PURESTREAM, CRV Remote Viewing Training Services

It has been my pleasure to work with Danilo in remote viewing. I have watched first-hand Danilo having much success with remote viewing targets. Danilo trusts the feelings of uncertainty and ambiguity he receives during a session. Danilo is an advanced remote viewer because of his natural psychic/healing abilities and extensive remote viewing training.

Angela Dellafiora Ford

Danilo is a superb remote viewer with whom I enjoy working. He has a very good training, is very structured in his work
and can present the results in a clear concise way. Danilo is reliable and always gets to the point. I can only recommend him.


“Danilo is serious and conscientious, he respects deadlines and his work is clean, clear, to the point and always illuminating. He is an excellent viewer and a pleasure to work with, in a team.”

Coral Carte
Viewer e Trainer CRV

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