Interview with Martin Zoller

Martin Zoller is an author, seer and mediator and strategic intuition consultant. He became world famous when, thanks to his sixth sense, he was able to track down a passenger plane that had crashed in the Bolivian jungle after all other search efforts had failed.

He is known for his media predictions and analysis of events such as the terrorist attacks in Europe in 2015/16, Trump’s election in 2016, the political change in Saudi Arabia in 2017, Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Brexit, the presidential election and protests in Bolivia in 2019/20, the US elections in 2020 and Trump’s coup, the overthrow of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in 2021 and various events in the war in Ukraine.

In addition to his ability to analyse the human aura, he constantly receives requests for advice from all over the world on professional, personal, interpersonal and spiritual issues. He works with politicians, lawyers, business leaders and other professionals to develop innovative strategies.

Martin Zoller is a world-renowned consultant and seer and is invited to speak and give seminars on prophecy, mediumship, the power of intuition, remote viewing and more.

He has written nine books and six meditation CDs and has appeared in numerous documentaries and reports on shamanism. (German and English)

The topics discussed in the interview mainly concern Martin Zoller’s experience and work as an author, visionary and strategic insight consultant. The following topics are discussed in the interview:

Extraordinary experiences of Martin Zoller: The interview begins with a description of how Martin Zoller became world famous for using his sixth sense to discover a crashed passenger plane in the Bolivian jungle after all other search efforts had failed. This event marked the beginning of his fame as a fortune teller and led to him working with various people and groups around the world.

Predictive skills: Martin Zoller is known for his predictions and media analysis of major international events such as terrorist attacks, political elections, civil unrest and other major events. The interview mentions some of his accurate predictions on events such as the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.
Analysis of the human aura: Martin Zoller is known for his ability to analyse the human aura and understand people’s personalities as well as their potential and future. This ability enables him to advise politicians, professionals and individuals in various areas of life.
Individual insight and sensitivity: The concept that each person is unique in their sensitivity, intuition and perception is discussed. The role of intuition and sensitivity in life and how these qualities can be developed and used to make better decisions and have a clearer vision of the future are explored.

Parapsychological potentials of human beings: The question of whether humans have the potential to develop parapsychological abilities such as clairvoyance and strategic intuition is explored. The possibility of human awakening and the integration of such potentials into everyday life will be discussed.
Freestyle Remote Viewing” method: The interview briefly mentions the “Freestyle Remote Viewing” method taught by Martin Zoller. He is asked to explain what it is and what applications it has.

Strategic Intuition: The interview is about the concept of “strategic intuition” and the role it plays in helping policy makers, practitioners and other groups to develop innovative and forward-looking strategies.

Martin Zoller’s future plans: Martin is asked about his future plans, including an international invitation to give talks and seminars on various topics around prophecy, medianism, remote viewing and more.

Services to the public: The wide range of services Martin Zoller offers to the public is discussed, including counselling in professional, personal, interpersonal and spiritual matters.

Martin Zoller’s personal motivation: What motivates Martin to do what he does and what personal and spiritual meaning he finds in his work is explored. It also asks which of his works Martin is most proud of and explores “Freestyle Remote Viewing”, a method Martin taught in a workshop, his predictions about the tensions in Europe that led him to move to Panama, and more.

Martin Zoller’s Handbook for the Development of Intuition:

Trailer to Martin Zoller:

Strategic intuition, including exercise:

Strategic Intuition, including practice:

Freestyle Remote Viewing, including practice:

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Ethics management and legal compliance

Ethics and legal compliance are two closely related aspects that every company should take seriously.

Ethics concerns the values and principles that guide the behaviour of people within the organisation (including management), while legal compliance concerns the company’s obligation to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Being ethical means acting responsibly and with integrity at all levels, in absolute terms, including values that intersect with the environment outside the company and create identification.

This implies that companies must behave ethically not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because this behaviour enhances the company’s reputation and the trust of customers, thereby improving long-term profitability.

Exactly because of a lack of customer and market trust, which is lost due to unethical behaviour that is out of tune with the brand’s guiding values, we are witnessing the demise of the dinosaurs.

Companies that adopt ethical policies and comply with legal compliance create a positive working environment, build customer trust and maintain a positive reputation. Furthermore, adopting ethical policies based on compliance at all levels with shared and positive values reduces the risk of potential litigation, which can be costly and damaging to the company.

If you look at the dinosaurs, before they fall, legal problems arise that result in billions of dollars in fines.

Therefore, the priority is to find leaders in management who act according to values. Ethical values that then turn into solid economic values.

A company with values: internally it respects people and regulations in a solid way. Outwardly it defends the values to which its brand clings in order to take flight.

Luana e Romano Piazzini

On at least two occasions of my knowledge you have shown that you are not afraid of change. The first involved leaving a ‘standard’ lifestyle for a long sailing trip. The second with the purchase of a 1600s mill in Sicily, transformed into your current business.

How do you recognise when the time has come to realise an idea? To put ideas into action, bringing about a radical, out-of-the-box change?

For us, change is synonymous with opportunity. Sure, it requires energy, but it pays off in terms of enthusiasm and evolution.

In any activity there is an initial stimulating development phase that after a while gives way to routine. At this point energy and motivation are lost and you risk an inevitable process of involution. It is time to change.

In our case, to sum it all up, at 50 years of age it was natural to take stock of our lives. We realised that we had worked a lot but lived little. We have also wondered what will remain of our existence. Houses, cars, watches, mobile phones. We will leave everything here. The only thing we will keep will be our history, our experiences, our encounters, our emotions.

So we let ourselves be seduced by a simpler, less affluent, but more fulfilling lifestyle and we let go, we let go of the pseudo-certainty that society shows you as goals to pursue, to face the unknown.

Once we made the decision to leave, we found that problems were solved quickly and easily. We deduced that the Universe was paving the way for us. So far, there has not been a single day when we have regretted our choices.

What are the elements behind your decisions?

Underlying our decisions is the search for new values. It is the desire to get rid of the neuroses typical of a hyper-technological and hyper-pampered society, based on everything superfluous and banal. There is a desire to return to the essentials, to peace, to solitude, to simplicity, to contact with nature, but also a desire to rediscover time for oneself. Yes, time, because besides health and affections, time is one of the three most precious things we have.

The sand runs fast in the hourglass of life.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to people who are planning a new life experience?

To set a date and stick to it at all costs. There will always be a thousand excuses to postpone, you will never be one hundred per cent ready. No matter, problems can be solved along the way. The important thing is to get started.

Were you confronted with the thoughts and statements of third parties that were in opposition to your projects? If so, what was your approach?

Everyone bases their opinions on their own experience. It is normal that not everyone shares the same ideas. If in good faith you are convinced of your own, it is only right that these, as far as we are concerned, take precedence over the opinions of others. The important thing is not to be afraid of the judgement of others, we are all here to gain experience.

How does your attitude towards the critical thinking of others change over time?

We have the privilege of being able to abstract others’ thinking. We are masters of our time and the only ones responsible for our existence.

How have your decisions, and the implementation of your projects, affected those close to you?

Having overcome the initial surprise with the passage of time, everything settles down and adapts to the new conditions of change. The people close to us have remained close and directly or indirectly have taken and continue to take part in our projects.

What are your future plans?

The fascination of travel, discovery and change continues to influence our life choices. We are in the planning stage …

We have made the motto “happiness is not an arrival station, but a way of travelling”.

Il Mulino di Chiaramonte

Swiss Private Homestay

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97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG) – Italia

Gary Clyman

How did you come to create and teach your CHI KUNG technique?

I stopped smoking pot and drinking alcohol at 20 and started Taekwondo at 21. Would I have started if I had continued drinking and smoking? Absolutely not.
I was depressed and I knew my life had to change, but I didn’t know how nor what to do. So in 1972 I stopped everything, then I stopped eating meat in 1973.
What does meat have to do with anything?
Well, all the other Tai Chi or CHI KUNG guys won’t comment because they eat meat, I stopped eating meat two years before my Tai Chi Master even told me to stop.
I don’t eat meat because meat is dense and it lowers your vibration.

In my opinion, you would not be able to drop your phone from your desk if you ate meat.

(Yes, during the video call while he was explaining to me how he made his vibrational Jing flow, my phone which was leaning against the wall moved from vertical to horizontal, to the left and then fell to the floor!)

When I pointed my fingers making the noise that created vibration, your phone moved. The noise I was making carried the vibration I was describing.
People don’t have that ability. This is all energy cultivated using my technique.

My technique is unique and I am always reachable, by phone or Skype. Whoever wants to, can easily contact me, always.

The other masters? You can’t even reach others, I don’t know if you have tried to reach others. They avoid you because they have nothing to offer. I have the Jiing that we will talk about later: I have nothing to hide, I did not invent my story, I did not learn from monks in a cave, it was not my grandfather who taught me, I did not reach my enlightenment while canoeing on a river in colombia.

Everyone tells a strange story and I don’t.
I simply practiced 6 to 10 hours a day for the first 10 years.

Fortunately, I learnt how to practice, long before I learnt Tai-chi.

I joined Taekwondo when I was 21 years old, and luckily I had one of the first 12 masters who were sent out to propagate Taekwondo in the world.
I didn’t plan it. He had a school and I was on a bus. I got off the bus and joined his Taekwondo school. And over time I would have dinner with him and his family up to three or four times a week.

His name was Handjhakwo. A world-renowned teacher, I told him I wanted to be the hardest-working American student he had ever had. Because I wanted to be great at something

He was great!
He taught me and I never got a break, and I was never treated like anyone else. And I pushed and pushed.
Others did their tests, and I didn’t.
I spent more time on each belt, they were already black belts and I was still a Red Belt or Blue Belt, but I taught black belts. Three times he called me to his office because they said my class was too hard, and the others had complained.
He advised me to open my own school.

OK I thought, so a little later I went to a friend of mine, to a Tai Chi school, a third-degree black belt. to do karate and Tai chi.
His Karate teacher at the time was my first Tai Chi teacher. So I started with him and then transferred to another school after about a year and a half. And the second master is the one who supervised me for the following two and a half years. That’s how I got to where I am today. I learnt how to practice from Mr Haan and what to practice with Tai Chi, and in fact I practiced all those hours daily in an organized way.
I went into the school with a work ethic, everyone else practiced 2 or 3 hours a day, but I knew that was not enough.

When my master closed his school, I learned CHI KUNG from him, in his flat.
This method was taught nowhere else but upstairs in the flat where I was staying with my master.
Nothing I learnt in CHI KUNG was contained in Tai Chi, for which I practiced corrections with the master for a year and a half.

When I learned CHI KUNG from my second master, in 1978, I was giving out small pieces. I opened my school in 1979, so I was giving one piece to one, one piece to another, and so there was no system and I wasn’t getting any results. Because everyone was doing something different. Then in 1983 inspiration struck me and I decided to create a CHI KUNG system, because there was none. And I did it well.
The way I organized and wrote it the first time, that’s exactly how it is still practiced today in my videos. Thousands of people practice the way I created it, because if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Because as I learnt it, no one else could ever have done it. Even as a student, I knew that no one could do what I was doing.
So when I opened my school, I taught exactly the way I had been taught, but it did not include CHI KUNG, that was a separate thing. But in 1983 I decided to separate the CHI KUNG teaching from the rest.
In 1993 I put it on video. 1996 I converted exactly what I did on VHS to DVD.
Now you can receive the programme by mail.

What are the indispensable rules for success with your system?

  • Do not do drugs, I am also against Marjuana although it seems to be back in fashion.
  • Do not consume alcohol: It does not allow attention and concentration
  • Do not masturbate: It is purposeless, wasted energy
  • Better not to eat meat if you aim for excellence, its density lowers the vibration

I have developed the Daily practice routine that allows you to charge your energy in less than 30 minutes and live in a completely different way.

The days you practice are better than the days you don’t practice, the same goes for the weeks you practice, and I do 10 hours a day now, and I’ve been doing it all my life, and I’m fine.
The reason I practice 10 hours a day even today is because I have to carry a torch for everyone who is practicing.

The first steps in CHI KUNG, you notice that the energy of the body changes, whereas in the other systems you rather perceive movements without energy content.

What is the difference between Chi and Jing?

Chi is what you feel while Jing is what you can express.
Djing is the vibration I transmit when I strike, or if I intend to give a treatment. So Chi is the result of cultivating energy and Jing is the ability to use that energy in an actively transmitted vibration.
First you store, compress, absorb, compress, charge and charge, and then at this point you have the ability to explode to direct the vibration.
Tai Chi Jing is different from Jing.
When I give treatments to people I touch them, send toward, or suck out, that is Jing.
Others could do it, but what they cannot do is Tai chi Jing which is called Tajing, I can touch someone and make them fly across the room.
When I demonstrate this skill I always do it with a wall behind it otherwise the person would fall and break at least one bone.

I touch them physically but I send out a vibration. Like an explosion, so if you leave the vibrations out they fly back.

I don’t have to do anything before I do it, I spin with this energy in me all the time. There are only a few people who can do it and they are all in my group, and are my teachers as well.

There are some Kung Fu masters who hit me and nothing happened. Then I hit them, and they fell down.
I have the ability to transmit another vibration.
When I hit someone I can demonstrate the transmission of the elements water, fire, metal, wood and earth .
The feeling they experience is one of these elements in vibrational form.
I don’t have to hit them hard, because the vibration is created with the mind.
So if I want to hit with fire, they have a sensation as if they are burning, if I hit with metal they feel penetration, with wood it is like being hit by a baseball bat, with water the sensation is of a powerful wave, with earth it is like a dull blow, and they collapse on the ground.

What do you mean when you say you create with the mind?

With the mind you create the vibration but you cultivate the ability of the practice, to show that the 5 elements come from practicing the elements.
So that if I hit them I can make them feel in one of these ways. But at the moment of contact is the moment when I discharge exactly that exact sensation

Gold Bell

“All these pseudo Chinese masters, when they try to strike I bounce the blow back to them, and when it’s my time to strike they are terrified.”

I have a technique called Gold Bell that I teach in my NEI KUNG program, it’s a vibration, I can make my body vibrate so that if somebody hits it, they hit me like they hit a fan, if you hit the blades of the fan and then you get pushed back and the force is dispersed.
My students are able to do it exactly like I do it.
I used to hit my teachers and they did the same.

If I teach the “Gold Bell” method and hit someone, they can try to propagate the vibration, but they won’t be able to bounce it back like I am able to bounce it back.
My frequency is higher and faster.
There are men who look like Superman, but to me they are not.
I have a friend who teaches CHI KUNG DO which is a derivative of Bruce Lee’s, he is very good. In his circle he is known as the one who is able to take all the blows.
But when I hit him he falls on the ground like nothing.

Master Chang asked me if I could feel his vibration, did you see my picture with the old man hitting my face in 1982?
He was at a seminar, he hit me 7 times and nothing happened because I bounced his vibration back.
He hit me in the stomach then from below up to the jaw, my body bent back and then straightened up again. I didn’t get hurt, my glasses didn’t break, I didn’t step back, none of that.
And I became famous because it was published in Kung Fu magazines at least 3 or 4 times.

Emotional Liposuction

What happens when you practice my CHI KUNG?
What you receive is hope. Hope. Hope is one of the most important things in the world.
Other people don’t have hope.
If you don’t have hope you are in trouble, and if you are in trouble, you have problems.
And everybody in the world is in trouble.
They have no prospects, they have nothing that contains them like: merit (deservingness) means “you can” you can. If someone has resentment and bitterness, they have no feeling of merit. of being deserving.

The 4 major issues that I deal with in Emotional Liposuction, and which more or less everyone has are:

  • Abandonment
  • Anger
  • Rage
  • Bitterness

So when I do a session I pull out or treat one or more of these themes.
Now I do the treatment online, no need to come in presence anymore, I can do it remotely.

Very interesting how a point in the body can be attached to emotional things

What are your views on meditation and mental focus?

Meditation is a great word and it means everything.
I don’t use the word meditation because everyone thinks of non-personal, generic, non-technical meditation..

Everything I do instead is active and technical, Even the way I teach is different from the way anyone else teaches.
All you have to do is practice, you can become great in this technique.
I am proof of that, because I am not a natural, I am not athletic, martial arts is something that turned out that I can do, but CHI KUNG and NEI KUNG nobody does that.
Remember, The right teacher, the right student, the right material, and then you have to put in a lot of time.

So, why I’m different from all the other Tai Chi types, is because I have Djing. Because I connected my vibration to the bone structure.

“I also have a Commentary on Remote Viewing.”

A guy who worked for the CIA must have been around 1996 approached me.
He was doing remote viewing for the CIA, spying on Russia.
But at the time he came to me he was in burnout.
He learned my CHI KUNG and my NEI KUNG to replenish everything he had spent.
So, I am a transmitter and not a receiver. He was a receiver before he came to me, and not a transmitter.
He had gone away to a place in North Wisconsin where there was no Internet, simply to be away from everything.


So ca. 25-30 years ago people started asking me for help, I started projecting help, and that turned me into the “Mojo Man,” so people would hire me to help them with a problem, their marriage, or defend them.
There are two types of Mojo: think of them as torpedos-1 active and 1 protective.
If someone calls me for protection, I project my personal resolve outside of myself to wrap around the person who asks.
If I have to protect them from an abusive partner or an abusive boss, or some bad situation they have put themselves in, I may have to attack the perpetrator,
So I am the Mojo Man because I have the ability to project my determination outside my body. This is created through my Jing.
Because I have Jing I not only have the ability to touch someone and make them fall, or touch an acupuncture needle and make my force flow through their body, or touch someone with my fingers and make my force flow through their body, but I also have the ability to project my determination outside my body. I don’t know anyone else with this ability. Even when I try to teach this to someone else, so far no one has been able to reproduce it, because they don’t put in 10 hours a day.
With the Mojo it doesn’t matter where in the world someone is, regardless of time and space.

Gary Clyman
Skype: Clygar

Interview to Enzo Parianotti

You have written two books and developed a concept you call Longebility. Can you explain the path that led you to promote this concept of yours? What is the motivation that sets you in motion in this regard?

I worked for Swisslife for over 35 years and met thousands of clients who wanted to save money to feel secure when they retired. Often I noticed that what they really had to worry about was their health and motivation in life.

I became so passionate about the subject of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being in the second half of life.

The problem is big and urgent.

The increase in the number of elderly and old people (whom I call seniors and super seniors in my system) obliges us to find solutions to avoid dealing with millions of sad, sick, unmotivated seniors, etc., etc.

We have to make sure that seniors and super seniors are an asset to society and not a burden to bear.

That is why I founded Longebility, which promotes ideas, strategies and methods for ageing well, healthy, wise and happy.

We are in a constant state of change, where life expectancy is getting longer. What approach do you propose in relation to this issue?

Human beings have the potential to live up to 120 years.

The average life expectancy in Switzerland today is 84 years. However, life expectancy in health stops at 64 years.

If you do the math, the average Swiss leaves about 56 years of healthy life on the plate.

This is madness, it is an incredible waste!

However, we cannot expect pharmaceutical companies or the healthcare system to come up with solutions for a long healthy and happy life.

The pharmaceutical companies and the health care system have strong interests in keeping people alive, sick, sad and needy, as long as possible.

I know it sounds like conspiracy stuff, but did you know that in Switzerland only 3 per cent of all resources are invested in health promotion and as much as 97 per cent in cures and medicines?

With Longebility, which means the ability to live long, healthy and happy lives, my approach is to let people over 50 take charge of their lives without delegating their psycho-physical well-being to anyone.

There is so much to say and do and that is why I offer courses, video courses, coaching and write books on this topic.

We can see from your social media that you are often around the world. You are currently in Thailand in Kho Phan-Gan. You told me that you have been spending time there for several years. What do you find there that you don’t find elsewhere?

On this island I find a favorable environment for health and evolution. Here there is a conscious community. Here people do not splurge and stuff themselves with food in starred restaurants. Here there is a very simple life of scooters, flip-flops, t-shirts, fruit and vegetable juices, local foods, yoga schools, meditation, Tantra, etc, etc.

Whereas here in Europe social comparison is based on externality (having), here it is much more based on being.

Of course not all that glitters is gold here either, but the incentive to live on the basis of personal values and not on values packaged ad hoc by society is much stronger. Here one meets many healthy, wise and happy seniors and super seniors.

What are future plans, for you and for others, and what motivates you to realise them?

For the future, my plans are above all my personal evolution and sharing with others. I deeply believe that everyone is here on planet earth to contribute and not just to consume oxygen, eat and litter. On the contrary, I strongly believe, and there is also a lot of scientific evidence to prove it, that as long as people contribute to the evolution of the whole they feel part of the community, they have a role and therefore have motivation to stay fit.

That is why my motto is that longevity starts in the mind.

What spurs me on to realise my projects is the fact that without motivation and without meaning you are immediately old, not to say already dead.

It is therefore crucial to find the reason why the creator put us on earth and to do what is meant to be done.

A bee is happy when he is being a bee, when he goes from flower to flower collecting pollen.

When is a human being happy?

What I try to do for others is to address these questions and help find answers.

You call yourself a spiritual person. What does being spiritual mean to you?

Human beings are only able to see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. To use a metaphor, we are like a fish swimming in the sea without realising that it is inside water, which in turn is inside a ball suspended inside the solar system, which in turn is part of a galaxy, and so on.

For the sake of convenience, religions have packaged up interesting theories and offered them as truth to millions.

What is there for all to see is that religions separate and generate conflict.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is something that is upstream of everything, that unites everything and explains everything.

Being spiritual to me means being a fish that tries to understand the universe around it without stopping at the appearances of the material world.

Have you been practising yoga for a long time? What benefits has this practice given you?

Yoga is an age-old discipline that teaches how to be a fish that understands why it is where it is and what it can do to evolve and become aware of all that exists in the universe.

Many believe that yoga is just a kind of gymnastics to be a little more flexible and a little healthier, but it is not that simple. Yoga is a true path to spiritual evolution.

The benefits are both on a physical and mental level and especially for those who, like me, want to support others to become long-lived and happy is exactly what yoga teaches.

Unfortunately, a tragic event occurred to you at a young age. From your current point of view, how would you describe the path that led you from that moment to where you are today?

It is said that difficult times create strong men. That strong men create easy times and that easy times create weak men. Weak men create difficult times again. And so on!

Yes, in my youth I had difficult moments that made me strong.

So I thank those moments and all the people who made themselves available to generate them.

The dominant feeling in me is indeed gratitude.

Every person’s life is studded with good things and difficult things, then it is up to each person, according to his or her level of consciousness, to select what to do with the experiences he or she has had.

In my yoga school we say that he who turns difficulties into opportunities has good karma!

How would you describe to a child the difference between being and having?

I would tell him to imagine that he is holding Aladdin’s lamp that can grant every wish. I would ask him what he wants to have? I would show him that after a while the fact of being able to have everything one wants no longer brings any pleasure, in fact it poisons.

I would tell him that he thinks he can have one ice cream, two ice creams, a hundred ice creams, a thousand ice creams, etc, etc!

Would you be happier with a thousand ice creams?

I would then explain to him that true joy comes from having ice cream and being able to appreciate it.

I would explain to him that life is like an ice cream that has to be licked slowly, slowly, appreciated and that it has to be done within a certain time frame otherwise it melts!

Longebility Antivirus: You are launching a new product: would you like to talk about it?

Yes, thank you Danilo.

On 23 February I am launching an introductory video course explaining what are the main MENTAL VIRUSES that make people over 50 unhappy. As you know, each of us makes choices based on what we believe we are, on the mental image we have of ourselves.  It is a bit like each of us walking around with a photograph of ourselves that we want to show to others. Each of us makes decisions to try to be consistent with the image on his photograph.

Each of us has learnt about life from our parents, school, church and our social context. Certainly he has learnt a lot of good things, but also a lot of bad things. So many mental viruses that generate difficulties and frustrations in so many areas of life (family, money, love, sex, work, friendship, etc.).

Longebility Antivirus and its related bonuses is an important step to recognise and eliminate many mental viruses that prevent healthy, happy and long-lived living.

Interested persons can sign up on the list to access the launch offer and get special conditions and an extra bonus for free.

Here is the link to access and sign up on the list:  LONGEBILITY ANTIVIRUS

I am a member of the Swiss Therapists platform at “Die Quelle” with whom I share their vision.

The following is an excerpt from the homepage


The source (Die Quelle)- a place of encounter

Community and diversity. We observe every day that people can flourish and develop their full potential in connection with each other. At the Source, people of all backgrounds and orientations are welcome and we see differences as enrichment for our community. We want to create a space where everyone feels safe, secure and belonging.

The development and fulfillment of every individual is close to our hearts.

Humanity. The dignity of each individual being is our priority. We want to create a space of peace, respect, acceptance and humanity where everyone feels welcome and can develop their full potential.

Consciousness creates peace

Development of consciousness. We believe that the development of the consciousness of each individual forms the basis for a more peaceful and just world. We want to create spaces in which such transformation processes are nurtured and promoted.

Inner peace brings peace in the world

Sustainability and justice. We believe that sustainable development of our earth is only possible through social justice, economic stability, universal human rights and a culture of peace. Our aim is to contribute to the protection of our resources and to universal peace through the development of consciousness.

We create spaces for dreams

Cooperation and fairness. We want to create spaces where every person has the opportunity to discover and develop themselves. We strive for fair and enriching cooperation and collaboration with our partners. It is our conviction that there is enough for everyone and that we can all be winners.

Interview with Mike Stauss

You have been in Ascona for many years, what was the best time for you? And why?

The best years in Ascona were certainly the late 1970s and early 1980s, when there was this absolute freedom to do what you wanted, how you wanted and with whom you wanted. People came to Ascona to have fun, with seven nightclubs and a very intense social life, without having to overdo it like we do today, so everything was easy and fun.
There were no problems, real life was a game.
You could reinvent yourself every day. Maybe this attitude gave me the basis for an easier life, always being in that time.

Which other place is particularly close to your heart?

Apart from Ascona, in the south of France I am very attached to this French way of life of the “je m’en fout” type. “Je m’en fout”‘, I don’t care about anything, I do what I want, the famous “live and let live” that would still do so many people good today…..

Do you think that looking back you can say that you were able to enjoy your life to the fullest and achieved what you wanted?

Apart from the fact that I have never been a person who looks back, but only lives for today or at most for tomorrow, I have nothing to complain about, I have left nothing behind, the famous saying “every left is lost” has been a “leitmotif” that has accompanied me throughout my life.
I have done, tried, visited, eaten, used, observed everything I could and I can say that I am completely satisfied with the way my first 63 years have gone.

What advice would you give a young person for their life?

One piece of advice I can give to young people today is: live your dreams, live and realise everything you want, set the bar of your hypothetical goal you want to achieve very high, so that even if you don’t quite reach it, you will have come a long way in life.
Don’t leave your dreams in the drawer, don’t live out your fantasies and frustrations badly, even if you have different world views.
If the famous once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes along that can change your life, seize it, even if it forces you to revise all your previous plans and move out of your “comfort zone”.
Luck comes to everyone a few times in life, but only a few manage to see it and take advantage of it.

What is your recipe for making a dream come true?

Dream and live, dream again and fulfil, that is my recipe, but it is also the only one in the world that works, dream live, dream live and dream, until the end.

How important were your parents for what you have achieved in your life and who you are today?

Certainly my parents shaped me, they were the ones who made me who I am.
They had a very “Steinerian” vision of the world, and that gave me the opportunity to develop everything I had in my head, my fantasies, my dreams, without having to follow stereotypical patterns that were considered right at that time in history.
We were in the middle of the liberating flower power movement and that was certainly the recipe for success, for me, I repeat, not for everyone.

You are the only Swiss person to have won an Emmy Sport Award. Can you share this experience and some anecdotes about the award ceremony?

Winning the Emmy in television is like winning the Oscar in the film world.
1994 was the same year that Peter Falk aka Columbo and Cindy Lauper won for their video, as did Helmut Thoma, the owner of RTL in Germany, to name a few.
Winning the Emmy Awards with CBS was a point that definitely changed my life, even if I only realized it many years later. The fact that I was given this important honor in the world of television, and at such a young age, helped me a lot in my profession.
For me, ’94 marked the end of the first part of my long television career, which began in 1978 and during which I worked for about fifteen years for various Italian television channels such as Canale 5, Retequattro, etc., and above all for the two major American networks, ABC and CBS. This was followed by a second part where I started producing independently and working as a freelance director, while the third and perhaps final part was when I was hired by Swiss Radio and Television as a director for various TV shows and games as well as for national programmes such as ice hockey and football.

How would you explain the difference between being and having to a child?

The difference between being and having is an abysmal difference. What you have, you have accumulated, you have found it, you have earned it, you have stolen it, and today it is yours, but tomorrow it can easily be taken away from you, you can lose it through bad investments, an illness, a divorce, a loss.
On the other hand, what you are can never be taken away from you, it is within you, and that is why I always tell myself that I feel really rich, because that is the real luxury and the real wealth. TO BE.

You have your own way of dealing with yourself and you declare that you “don’t care about people”. In what sense do you mean that?

The famous phrase “I don’t give a damn about people and the world” is partly a mask, a way of defending myself.
I have been lucky enough to learn to love and appreciate myself as I am, so I have to tell the truth that I am enough, even as company.
I am a lonely lion who likes to be around people, but I always observe a little from the outside, I observe myself a lot and I also judge myself very harshly.

What were you doing in Vail, Colorado in the late 1980s?

I have traveled all over the world for work, in countries from Japan to Canada, from the Nordic countries to the Arab Emirates, from Russia to America, always on the hunt for the most important world events and happenings, from all kinds of sports to concerts, again from pop and rock music to classical music and opera, and for that you have to be not only healthy and full of beans, but also very open-minded and clearly multilingual to be able to communicate with everyone, get their “jokes”, go out and have a good time like them, and adapt to a variety of situations, for better or worse.
At a party in Vail, Colorado, in the late 1980s, the gentleman who opened the door for me said, “Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Gerry” and that face reminded me of someone, it was Gerald Ford, the former President of the United States. At that party there was also the future President George W. Bush and Bill Clinton’s wife.

You have met so many personalities in your life that I can hardly ask you a question about a particular person. What common characteristics have you noticed in the famous/popular people you have dealt with?

In my long career I have met a lot of famous and not famous or at least supposedly famous people.

In the world, all people are equal, especially the so-called famous or well-known, because it is they who need us, they need the media, they need to appear on television, on the radio.
If they have become someone, it is thanks to people like us who make them stars.
There are many anecdotes here about wonderful people I could mention, but I don’t want to mention names because there would be just as many I would like to mention who are instead terrible people who don’t even deserve to be mentioned.
But that’s the way the world is, they need us much more than we need them.

Get the full story on Mike Stauss here:

Do people only use 10% of their mental capacity?

It’s interesting how some films mix real facts with science fiction based on theories that are not entirely correct, but contain a certain package of information.

One example is the 2014 action film “Lucy” by Luc Besson, which is based on the myth that humans only use 10 per cent of their brains. This concept was already taken up in 2011 in the film “Limitless” by Neil Burger.

The theory that humans do not use their brains to the full is indeed an old myth with uncertain origins. The question was probably raised by the statement “We use only a small part of our mental and physical faculties” in the 1908 book “The energies of Men” by Williams James, professor of philosophy at Harvard University, in which he also addresses the fact that when one is in a crisis, i.e. outside one’s comfort zone, energies are released that were not in action before, the crisis being the impetus for the release of a certain human potential.

In the film Lucy, Morgan Freeman plays a neurologist who at one point gives a speech in an academic tone:

Below you will find the text from the film “Lucy” by Luc Besson and the link where you can see the scene in question.

… “Life began about a billion years ago. We had to wait 400,000 years to witness the mutation of the first nerve cells. This is the beginning of life as we know it. Brains and information of only a few milligrams. No sign of intelligence can yet be detected in them. They behave more like a reflex.
One neuron, you are alive.
Two neurons, you can move, and interesting things have begun with the movement.

Animal life on Earth goes back millions of years, but most species only use 3 to 5 per cent of their brain capacity, but it is only with humans at the top of the animal pyramid that we finally see a species that uses its brain capacity more.
10% may not seem like much, but it is a lot when we consider what we have done with it.

Now let’s take a concrete case. The only creature that uses its brain much better than we do.

The dolphin.

This incredible animal is thought to use up to 20% of its brain capacity. In particular, this allows it to use an echolocation system that is more effective than any sonar invented by humans.

But the dolphin did not invent sonar, it developed it naturally, and that is the crux of our philosophical considerations today: Can we conclude that man is more interested in having than in being?

For primitive beings like us, life has only one purpose: to gain time. And survival in time also seems to be the only true purpose of every single cell in our bodies. To achieve this goal, the mass of cells that make up earthworms and humans have only two choices. Be immortal or reproduce.
If the habitat is not favourable or nutritious enough, the cell will choose immortality, i.e. self-sufficiency and self-management. If, on the other hand, the habitat is favourable enough, it will choose to reproduce.
When it dies, it passes on important information and knowledge in this way to the next cell, which in turn passes it on to the next cell, and so on.
So knowledge and learning are passed on over time…”….

In my opinion, the measurement of a percentage related to intelligence and the use of the brain can be traced back to the mechanism of having a view of the reality of the physical world based on the parts of the body as if they were composite parts, with which one refers only to causes and quantities.

With today’s knowledge, it is possible to move away from such measurement and towards a simpler and more complex concept. The part of consciousness that science can only measure with difficulty lies outside its own spectrum.

The limits of science today are well explained by Rupert Sheldrake in his book The Science Delusion, but also in a famous TED presentation of his that is now considered a classic.

Joan Armatrading

Album: Consequences, 2021

Song: Better Life, written by Joan Armatrading

All you want for everyone

Is a better life, a better life

All you want from love

Is the best love, the best love

And all you want from me

Is what I have to give

Just being who you are

Means a better life, a better life

Some people sit in their ivory tower

With the Midas touch, the Midas touch

A kind word has more healing power

It’s precious, more precious


Look inside yoursеlf

Make your thoughts the best

All you havе to be

Is a love junkie, love junkie


Change can heal the world

And all you gotta do is change yourself


There are rules for a better life

Don’t live with hate, live positive

Smile a lot and the world looks good (Smile a lot)

Your happy face looks right back at you


Don’t compare yourself

To everybody else

Live the life you love

For a better life, a better life


Change can heal the world

And all you gotta do is change yourself


Memories can last forever

Remember how short a life is

Plan how you will enjoy it

Be happy, be happy